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Monday, 22 October 2012


Today I started the day at Melbourne old gaol. It was quite a gruesome place. It was built in 1841 and closed in1924 but was reopened during WW2 for soldiers who were absent without leave. The gaol systemMelbourne gaol was based on silence and separation so prisoners began their time in gaol in solitary confinement, locked in their small cells for 23 hours a day.

They were not allowed to speak to other prisoners and when they left their cell they had to wear a silence mask. It was here that many people were hanged including Ned Kelly. Afterwards they had a death mask made of them. I'm not really sure why these masks were made but they were also on display. Models of the scaffold and examples of the hangman's equipment were also on display. I found it a very sobering experience.

From the gaol I went next door to the police watch house.This police station only closed in 1994 and here we could see the cells where suspects were taken once they had been arrested. This was a little more light hearted as we played the part of troublemakers who had just been arrested and a sergeant put us through the arresting procedure.

There was even a padded cell.

Afterwards I wandered back through the town following the self guided walks that I found at the tourist info centre in Federation Square looking at places of interest that were mentioned.

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Just look at those delicious cakes in this tea room. Unfortunately the queue to get in was so long I didn't bother and then when I went back I couldn't remember which arcade it was in!


I am now in the main shopping area

Loved this giant purse. Very apt for this part of town.

The Manchester Unity building reminded me of something from Gotham city.

Flinders street station a well known land mark

I then went for a walk along the river. A vibrant part of the city with lots of cafes and bars. People just sitting around enjoying the sunshine.



  1. Looks like a lovely city! Glad to see you had a nice day!

    I visited the jail in Port Arthur is Tasmania when I was there, also quite a sobering experience!

  2. We did the gaol at night that was a bit spooky. I love Melbourne except for the weather.

  3. The city looks beautiful with these old buildings but the gaol, how awful !


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