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Thursday, 13 September 2012

The prospect of Whitby

The Prospect of Whitby in Wapping is the oldest Thames riverside pub. There has been an inn on this site since 1520. The original inn was burnt down in 1700s and the present pub was built on the same site.

The original flagstone floor still survives. The bar is made of pewter resting on old barrels and is thought to be the longest of its type still surviving.


  1. Oh, I would love to go there and see that noose! Very interesting place you live in!!

  2. Now that really is a pub with history, I would love to visit one day.

  3. At times like this I realise anew what a young country (in terms of 'civilisation') Australia really is! I'm naive enough to see Captain Kidd as a bit of a romantic figure - but that's just the Australian in me coming out!!!

  4. Sounds like my kind of pub! ;o)

  5. I do believe we visited this pub when we were in England a few years ago! Good to see your photos of it.


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