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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Getting ready

I was out and about early on Saturday morning and arrived at Covent Garden Market before the stalls and shops were open. There was a feeling of anticipation in the air. The clamour for Xmas bargains had started and shoppers were hovering in the hope of finding the perfect Christmas presents.

Covent Garden market is probably not the place to find a bargain but in previous years I have found some out of the ordinary presents here. But I wasn't here to shop today, I was just out for a walk.

Christmas decorations are in evidence everywhere. Here they have hung huge maroon and silver baubles from the roof. They are the same ones they used last year which pleases me to know they don't just discard them and buy new ones each year.

The sign outside this shop is in the shape of a snuff box so it is no surprise to learn that this is the Segar and Snuff Parlour in Covent Garden. This is one of London's last remaining tobacco specialists selling pipes, cigars and loose tobacco which can be blended to order, It also sells snuff which is a finely ground flavoured tobacco taken by a simple sniff into the nostrils.

Outside the shop is the figure of a highlander holding a flask of snuff. The explanation as to why this is figure is here is written on the board below.


  1. One of my favourite places ! I never miss (or almost) to go there !

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  3. One of the busiest places we came across in London. There was a terrific upstairs toy shop and we had a nice enough lunch on the northern side, out of the rain. I have an addictive type personality, so it is just as well I did not notice the snuff shop. You didn't take photo 5 just for me? No matter, it's nice photo.

  4. I like this time of the year so much, the shops are decorated very nice. My husband used to smoke such a meerschaum pipe long ago. He has stopped smoking for years now.

  5. A really nice shop! And I guess if I were a snuff user, I'd be delighted at the store. Instead, I'm delighted at the statue. :-)

  6. This looks like a great place to shop! I'd love to visit (if I lived a wee bit closer...) :)

  7. I wonder if there is a Highlander figure museum somewhere. If so, it would be interesting to see the carved old figures.
    Great place for a winter walk to put you in the holiday spirit!

  8. What a great place to visit and nice to see some traditional shops still thrive

  9. Very pretty decorations and ornaments.
    I like the two T-Shirts.

    Have a Beautiful Day!

    Peace :)

  10. Greetings from Dubai!!I really enjoyed going through your blog. Have a great week ahead!


  11. I like the idea of recycled decorations. Sometimes it seems a shame we can’t do that with gifts too. :)

  12. I, too, love that Covent Gardens Market reuses Christmas Decorations. I enjoy your London walkabouts. You really do give us a feel for the spirit of the city.


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