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Monday, 23 June 2014

The year of the bus

This was Regent Street in London on Sunday. It was taken over by a display of buses dating back to 1829. It was to celebrate 'The Year of the Bus'. I have included as much information as I can but I cannot be certain I have all the facts correct so I apologise in advance to any transport experts out there.

This was the Horse bus. In service from 1829-1914. At one time there were 4000 horse drawn buses in London. They last ran in 1914 as the horses were then needed for WW1 duties.

Leyland X2 Motor bus. In service 1908 - c1014.

This was London's first mass produced motorbus. In service 1914-1922. Many were used during the war to transport men to the front line.

In service 1920-1932

Increased the seating capacity to 54 passengers. This AEC S type was in service from 1922-32




1936-1953. The buses now have a fully enclosed cab and a full length upper deck.

1937-1954. Known as the standard war time bus


These were commandeered for use as an ambulances in WW2

Trolley bus. 1948-1962

 A standard RT that went to USA and Canada to promote trips to Britain.

 1953-1973. Bought by BEA to transport passengers from London to Heathrow airport.

This was  a prototype Leyland Routemaster RML3 and was  in service from 1958-59. Routemaster RM5 were in service from 1959-2004 and are the most recognised of the London buses.

 Metrobus 1978-2005

This bus shelter is made entirely of lego bricks.

 These are the new routemasters which are already on the road but by 2016 there will be 600 of them carrying passengers around London.

Last year there were 2.4 billion journeys on the London bus network!

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  1. How cool! Love all your bus photos.

  2. What a neat tour. I really like events like this

  3. That is an interesting overview of the history of transport busses. They ares so eell preserved all of them.

  4. What lovely old buses!

  5. Wow, thank you for the tour! So, how did people get around when the horses were used for WWI? Also love the fancy stair-bus:)

  6. How fun to see! Interesting that the buses were double deckers starting out with the horse-drawn ones. It would really be fun to climb those stairs and have a ride on some of these.

  7. This would be such fun to see and your photos are great.

  8. Wow, what a neat display of the buses.. It is really cool going back as far as the horse pulled bus.. The newest buses must have all the latest gadgets.. Wonderful series of photos and a great post. Thanks for sharing..Enjoy your week!

  9. Great photos and all buses are amazing. I love the modern ones.

  10. Wow! Love the variety of buses ~ wonderful photos for OWT ~ thanks, ^_^

    artmusedog and carol ( A Creative Harbor)

  11. What a terrific display and very well captured. While I did not see a new grey and red bus, I like the colour scheme very much. The new Routemasters do look very sleek, even when all bunched up and stationary in The Strand.

  12. What fun! We loved riding the double-decker .... top front as often as we could get it. Wish we had better public transport here where we spend most of our time.

  13. WOW, what a show through the ages!!! I would have likes ricing in the first one, guess I'm really old fashioned.

  14. These are great! I envy all of you over on that side of the pond who have the coolest buses ever! Thanks for the great tour through all of them. :-)

  15. The vintage ones are brilliant

  16. Excellent collection. Each one is so interesting.

  17. How interesting. They have changed , especially the newest one...but have in some ways remain the same.

  18. Great looking vintage buses.

  19. Cool

    I don't think we've ever had any buses that cool on this side of the pond.

  20. A lovely collection of photographs. I was about to ask whether out modern day buses will be as cherished in 100 years. I think your final pictures answered that as a "YES".

  21. Oh wow what a great post. I love all these busses and it is so nice to see how far back they came. Wonderful.

  22. I enjoyed this photographic sequence so much and a good narrative to go with the shots too.

  23. Nice post about an icon! My kids were amused to find out that I used to go to school on a double decker bus!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne.

  24. Wow,how reminiscent; I still remember the bus I've seen in London♡♡♡ I've enjoyed the sequence of the elegant buses celebrating 'The Year of the Bus'. Thank you very much for sharing for us♬♬♬

    Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


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