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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Archway Bridge

This is Archway Bridge, built in 1897, which goes over the main A1 road going North from London. Prior to the opening of the M25 motorway I used to drive this route regularly on my way North to Manchester. 

 Unfortunately the bridge is also known by another name, 'Suicide Bridge'. Many troubled people have lost their lives by jumping from this bridge and many others have suffered as a consequence.
 Local campaigners are desperate for measures to be put in place to prevent further loss of life.


  1. Beautiful details, especially in the fencing.

  2. As Cynthia wrote, the detailing is beautiful.
    It is indeed sad that this beautiful bridge has acquired the moniker "suicide bridge". The Golden Gate in San Francisco is also fatal in that respect - there were 48 suicides from the Golden Gate Bridge in 2013 - making fatal jumps an almost weekly occurrence.

    On a much happier note, «Louis» thanks you for being first up with this week's Sunday Bridges. By the way, «Louis» has the bridge photo up in the masthead now should you want to see it in a larger size.

  3. So the bridge is very nive but not fortunate for some people. What a shame.

  4. You may remember Melbourne's long and very high West Gate Bridge. Suicide prevention fences have now been added and unfortunately they spoil the view as you drive over the bridge (not from a bus, as I recently discovered). The measures don't spoil the bridge itself though, as would anything similar done to the beautiful Archway Bridge. I am glad I am not making a decision about what to do.

  5. What a high bridge, taller than the roofs. That's sad about the suicides from the bridge.

  6. Wonderful bridge photos ~ Happy Sunday to you ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol

  7. Only just a few days ago I came across a view of this bridge elsewhere and someone wrote "Not a part of London I know very well. The striking lamp standard and its attendant griffins stand out against a bright sky. A tantalising amount of view; you really want to peer over those spikes." to which the photographer replied "Perhaps not such a good idea! Beneath is the A1. Locally known as 'Suicide Bridge'." Strange to see it again so soon.

  8. The details on the bridge arches are unusually attractive!!


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