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Sunday, 13 April 2014

2014 London Marathon

Today was the 34th London Marathon with over 30,000 people taking part. I always go to support the runners and as today was another beautiful Spring day I was there shouting them on until I was hoarse.

This was Mo Farah's ( the middle runner) first Marathon and he finished in 8th place.
There were a number of blind runners being guided around the course.

Also a number of disabled runners. There are 4 different timed starts so that the wheelchair racers will have a clear run before the able bodied runners start their race.

 Then the mass of runners go past. if you are not careful it is easy to feel dizzy as you watch so many runners going past.

 There seemed to be quite a few men in mankinis! Not a pretty picture if you running behind them!

If you think this gentleman looks bad you should have seen him frm behind.

 A fire fighter in full uniform.

Anyone need their house vacuumed?

The rhino costumes are a regular feature of the Marathon.

 Here's one man running with a fridge on his back. Why? I've no idea.

How demoralising to be beaten by a camel.

Charlie Chaplin gets in on the act.

 Two apples running side by side.

Oh and this is me. I took part in the 25th Marathon in 2005. I only did the one and that was enough for me.


  1. I have never seen so many costumes in a marathon. Fun to watch! My youngest daughter is still running marathons. She won a spot (lottery) in the New York marathon... which will be in Nov. I am very very impressed that you ran one. Good for you! Janey

  2. What a sight! I think the US marathons are a bit less fun, although I've never been near enough to watch one. A dear friend took up running at age 50 and ran two marathons last year. Now I can say I am proud to know two of you!
    It looks like it was a beautiful day in London today. We are back to wintery weather for a week. :(

  3. What great pictures! I especially like the last one. What a cutie. :-)

  4. Lots like a lot of fun. Great shots! You've done one more than me so congrats.

  5. That looks like a lot of fun!

  6. Good for you for going out and cheering for the runners! I've run three marathons and countless shorter races and I can say the spectators shouting encouragement is most appreciated. Oh - and Mo Farah trains here in Portland. I live close to the Nike campus and have seen him a couple times while running on their trails.

  7. It looks to be a lot more fun than our marathons. It is fine for the real athletes to take it seriously, but I like that some runners in the London marathon see it as a chance to have some fun.

  8. Excellent coverage of the marathon.

  9. Those are great photos. I always thought it was a sporty event but it becomes more a freakshow now with all those people carriying those silly things on their back...

  10. Congratulations. My husband took part three time is a great challenge. Your photos are cool but some runners are very funny.

  11. Wow----so many people, and so many either dressed or carrying something 'interesting'... Love the camels!!!!!!


  12. So glad you got a shot of Mo. Fantastic event!!!!!

  13. I took part this year for the first (and last) time to celebrate my 60th birthday in January. My MS got the better of me but I did finish and although I saw some of the whackier costumes, missed a lot more - so thanks or the pics!


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