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Sunday, 9 March 2014

(London Museum #10) Museum of Childhood

This is the V and A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green. It houses the Victoria and Albert Museum's collection of children's toys, games and artefacts.

I wandered round the exhibits looking for any toys and games from my childhood.

I had a scooter before I got my first two wheeler bike and used it to go everywhere.

Each week my brother would take me to the Saturday Pictures (cinema) and before the films started there was always a yo-yo competition. The children taking part would be a lot older than myself as I could only have been about 6 or 7 but I remember how in awe I was at the tricks they could perform. However much I practised I could never match their skills.

I wasn't much of a doll fan but I do remember having one that I called Janet because she was made in Germany. Makes no sense to me either!

A French knitting set. I made lots of these from wooden cotton reels that I hammered small nails into.

I had quite a collection of these trolls.

Picture blocks were probably my first type of jigsaw.

Having two brothers,I liked to play with some of their toys.  My eldest brother had a fort similar to this one  which I wasn't allowed to touch, unless, of course, he was out and then I would play with all his soldiers.

The anti-aircraft gun that would fire matchsticks.

The Matchbox and Dinky cars

My younger brother's favourite toy and what was even better, he needed someone else to race against!

The Museum brought back many happy memories. Can you remember your favourite toys?

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  1. What a wonderful museum. I remember the French knitting but I did not know it was called that.

  2. Oh yes, thank you for reminding me of my favorites. I played jacks so often that my fingernails were filed off at an angle on my left (gathering) hand, and I also LOVED hopscotch. Those were my two favorites as I grew up. :-)

  3. What a nice museum.. So many old toys, I forgot about.. like the yo-yo and the trolls.. Great post, thanks for sharing your visit.

  4. How fun! I did the spool knitting, too, and had long, loooong chains and nothing to use them for!
    I had mostly dolls and books.

  5. What a great idea for a museum.

  6. Isn't it nice to see so many toys we played with and hardly any plastics at those times! I remember all the toys you showed. The French knitting we call "Punniken" here, didn't know the english word.I did it a lot and even my brother did. You are right we made our own equipment with wooden reels and nails and wool rests of my mother.

  7. What fun ~ photos and memories ~ great shots for OWT ~ thanks, xxx

    artmusedog and carol ^_^

  8. A delightful place to spend my second (or third) childhood. :)

  9. Great nostalgia. Thank you. I had one of those guns that fired matchsticks,a fort and soldiers and of course a yo-yo that I never mastered - still can't for my grandchildren.

  10. Oh, yes!!! I do so agree with EG!! A delightful place indeed to spend -- probably my fourth childhood!! After all, I am an OLD broad!!

  11. Great photos of so many interesting toys that I can remember. I had one of those picture blocks - and of course did some French knitting - and yo yos - and dinky cars! Great memories!

  12. Oh yes, I remember, some of which were the same as yours. I also didn't prefer dolls, though I did have a few (thanks to gifts from people who didn't know I was a tomboy :) I had a cap gun and holster (Roy Rogers, of course) a football, lots of stuffed toys ( I loved animals) and games, all kinds of games. My sister and I would play games and jacks all of the time. Those were good times, back when you had to make your own fun ... it didn't come on a screen with a controller in your hands. I love this museum ... thanks for sharing ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  13. this looks like a fun place to visit for all ages.

  14. What an enjoyable museum concept! I know I would have a lot of fun looking at all the toys and I'm sure many would bring back good memories.

  15. What lovely childhood memories!

  16. I did not even know about this museum! Thank you - I will go and visit next time when I travel to the UK.

  17. Remember a few of those toys but I could never see the point in French knitting. Never had a scalelxtric till I got married


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