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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The British library

Outside the British Library is this sculpture of Newton by Paolozzi.

Below the sculpture was this plaque which I didn't understand.

The plaque reads NEWTON after William Blake by Eduardo Paolozzi.

Why the reference to Wiiliam Blake? Then last week I visited the Tate Britain art gallery and the mystery was solved. There I saw this watercolour and ink print by William Blake


  1. Is it sposed to be Issac Newton? Oh well good sculpture

  2. Yeah, wot Diane said. I don't like the overbuilt muscle form.

  3. Great you found out the background of the sculpture. You are a real Sherlock Holmes.

  4. How interesting to see the comparison!

  5. Nice sculpture. And very clever of you to figure out the connection.

  6. Mystery solved. Isn't it wonderful that you have the time to visit and re-visit and therefore really get to know these amazing places and all they contain!!


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