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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Oast houses in Kent

These strange looking buildings are called Oast houses and are found mainly in Kent. Their purpose was to dry the hops which are an important ingredient in the brewing of beer.

The buildings have 3 or 4 floors where the freshly picked hops were spread out to be dried by the hot air coming from a fire at the bottom. The floors were very thin and allowed the hot air to pass through and then escape through an opening in the roof. Once dried, the hops were then sent to the brewery where they were used to add flavour to the beer. This method has been used since the 16thcent. but it wasn't until the late eighteenth century, when beer drinking became more popular,that these round buildings with the conical shaped roof were developed.
Nowadays hops are dried on a much larger scale and the majority of the oast houses have been converted into houses.



  1. Noticed they had them In Henley at the old Brewery but but it's all housing now.

  2. How interesting! They make quaint little houses now don't they?

  3. What on earth are the funny white tops on them?


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