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Wednesday, 24 April 2013


The Cutlers' Company is one of the most ancient in the City of London having received its first Royal Charter from King Henry V in 1416. It is a guild of traders whose function is to protect its members and ensures that a high standard of work is maintained. Their trade was to produce implements with a cutting edge such as knives and swords. Over time their wares changed to cutlery, razors and scissors

At the front of the Cutlers' Hall there is a terracotta frieze by Benjamin Creswick. There are 33 figures in the frieze showing the four aspects of the trade: forging, grinding, hafting and finishing.

Forging shows the worker plunging the metal into the heat and then it being beaten into shape. Grinding is sharpening the knives. Hafting is the putting the handles on the knives. Finishing shows someone heating and polishing the final product and making sure it works.


  1. Fascinating. I love bits of history such as this!

  2. Interesting that Coventry's Coat of Arms has a very similar Elephant and Castle motif. Amazing history...those dates! Nice shots too.

  3. Tens of thousands must have walked past the building and never noticed frieze, or not wondered about it. At least you have and we are the wiser for it.

  4. Hafting, huh? How cool would it be to have that as my passport occupation?!?!

  5. Nice post and the frieze is beautiful, so detailed. Nice history.

  6. A real credit to the Company to have kept up their high standard over all these years. I wonder how much it would cost to have a knife sharpened there.


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