Friday, 3 August 2012

Olympic tennis at Wimbledon

The only tickets I had managed to get for the Olympics were for the tennis so I was not too disappointed. You see these pictures on the TV screens so often that it looks very familiar. The difference of course is that this time Wimbledom is hosting the Tennis Olympics and not the Grand Slam so the usual green of Wimbledon has been changed into the purples and blues of the London Olympic colours.

Although I didn't have a ticket for the centre court I was able to get a quick look in as it was still quite early.

My first visit to Wimbledon.

Arriving early means you see a number of the players on the practice courts. This is Del Potro..

Serena Williams
The man himself- Roger Federer

Really sorry but have forgotten this player's name. I think he is the spanish player - Almagro

There was a great army jazz band entertaining everyone.
This is at the top of Henman Hill. The rings are made from small rockery plants.

This is looking down the hill at the big screen which shows all the matches played on Centre court.

Some great places to just wander around and take in the atmosphere.

Beginning to fill up now so time to take my seat in court no:1

The first match was Federe v. Istomin which Fed won

Later in the day Sharapova played Lisicki which was an excellent match if you can cope with Sharapova's screaming after every shot!


  1. You made some wonderfull pictures. So nice to see Wimbledon so close and the famous players! I agree with you about the screaming of Sharapova, she should stop that.

  2. Wow! Right there in Wimbledon... I can see why you would not be disappointed with this fantastic opportunity. I'm sure enjoying these Olympics through your eyes!

  3. What a wonderful ambiance to this place ... great you were able to see Federer play ... It must have been a real highlight to your day.


    Does that give you an idea of how excited I am that you got to see Olympic tennis in Wimbledon?! ;o)

    If that doesn't give you a clue to how big a tennis fan I am... well, this should: I spent 7h in front of the TV today watching Olympic tennis! I even took the laptop to the table so my dad and I could continue watching Federer's match while having lunch!!! My dad is a bigger tennis fan than I am (his fault I started watching and playing), and neither of us good move from the TV during the +4h of the AMAZING Federer - Del Potro semifinal today (YAY Roger!!!) or the Spain vs France men's doubles semi-final that started 15' before the other match ended! (for a while there I had Federer on the TV and the Spanish duo Ferrer-Lopez on the computer)

    So excited that Roger is finally getting a shot at Olympic Gold, very sad that our fantastic doubles team couldn't beat the French (after over 3h playing, and they had 4 match points too!...). And to rub salt in the wound: we have to play the other French doubles pair for the Bronze medal tomorrow!!!

    YES that is Almagro, good call! He was our final Spanish singles player... and lost that day *sniff*.

    Your photos remind me of when I went to Roland Garros 5 years ago. I also got to see some big players training the day before their match: Rafa Nadal!!! :o)

    Was wonderful you got a day at Wimbledon, and got to see the great Roger Federer live on court! And THANK YOU for sharing it!!! :o)


  5. You lucky girl ! you could see all these celebrities life ! Tennis is the only sport I watch from time to time and have also played looooooong time ago ! My journey here in Eastbourne comes to an end, I return to Brussels on Monday, but before I will see the crown jewels, I booked my ticket online. I had such a nice stay here, only the weather could have been a little warmer !

  6. How exciting! And you got to see the tennis gold medallist in the flesh!! Clearly, the only excitement left for you after that episode is downunder in OZ!!!

  7. Surprisingly fun and olympic photos.


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