Wednesday, 15 August 2012

3 Mills Studios

Tomorrow I start rehearsals outside on a large piece of land which will replicate the Olympic Stadium. Until now we have been rehearsing in the 3 Mills studios. We have not been able to discuss where we have been rehearsing but now we have moved on I thought I would show you a few photos I took on my last visit there.

The studios are the largest in London although from the outside they don't appear that large. They are situated on the historic 3 Mill island in Bromley-by Bow, East London. One of the mills is one of the largest of the four remaining tidal mills in Britain although it has not been in operation since the war. It has been suggested that there is evidence that the mills date back to the 11th cent.

You walk past these two wonderful buildings as you enter the studios
During the Middle ages the mills were used for grinding the flour to make bread which would have been sold in London. It is also thought that gunpowder was  produced here for a short time.
In the 17th Cent the grain was used for the distilling and making of alcohol especially gin, which was a very popular drink during this period. The mills continued to supply the alcohol trade until they were bombed and damaged in the 2WW. The buildings continued to be used as a bottling plant until the 1990s. From then on 3Mills island was established as a film and TV studio called Bow studios.


  1. Wow! And look at all that blue sky. I am amazed at the change in the environment lately. Glad you are taking me along with you...

  2. It is great to see these old buildings still being used.

  3. Interesting, I have never seen that in Broomly. I have to say that I haven't seen very much neither !

  4. Looks like a lovely place to go to for those rehearsals! :o)

  5. Your blog is so wonderful but in one way I sort of hate it because it actually makes me ache to come back to London ...we loved it so much and we missed so much! Seriously -- it is wonderful to read of your adventures and how much you are enjoying life!


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