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This is it! I've given up work -retired from the rat race and am about to start on a 10 year adventure, doing all those things I've been meaning to do but never had the time to do them. I've offloaded my responsibilities and it is now my time. So follow my adventures and see whether I actually manage anything!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Tennis at Queens

At long last  I woke up to blue skies -  gone were the rain clouds of yesterday and the torrential showers we've been having. So off I went to West London to watch a day's tennis at Queens. You can buy a ground pass for £17 which allows you onto all courts except the centre and No1 courts. But usually after lunch when all the corporate lot have had their fill of food and drink they return their tickets, as they don't seem to watch much of the tennis anyway , and you can purchase them for £5 (normal price £87!).Consequently I was able to watch quite a few matches:


Once I get the hang of this new racket I'm sure my game will improve!


  1. I am sure you had an exciting time - retirement does give a little more time for the niceties of life - your jubilee pics are excellent how did you manage to get such a well placed spot? - we were around that area for the procession but could only hold our cameras up over the crowds and hope for some success - Jane

  2. Now that is an oversized racquet! I don't know if you are going to find anybody to play with you, either. :-)

  3. What a neat thing to know about (the cheap tickets)... and now, I'm not sure about that oversize racquet either -- you look cute with it though.

  4. I love that you are also a tennis fan! :o)

    The grounds ticket for Roland Garros is also an excellent option: 15€ for the day, and the only place you can't go are the big 3 (Chatrier, Lenglen, #1), but plenty of good matches are played on Court#2 (we saw the Bryan brothers!), and other courts, plus you can see just about anybody training on many of the smaller courts the day before their matches!


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