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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Borough Market

This is  London's oldest fruit and vegetable market and was voted the top tourist attraction a couple of years ago. It is situated off Borough High street which is near London Bridge.

There has been a market  here since the 13th century. Nowadays it consists of a number of small often local producers of specialist products. The quality of the produce is quality controlled ensuring that only the best is allowed to be sold. But don't go here looking for a bargain as prices can be quite steep.

The plastic bags full of water hanging above he fish apparently keep the flies away!
No market would be any good without a pub across the road.



  1. Those fresh fruits and veggies are wonderful looking! You are very fortunate to have such a nice variety available to you.

  2. Hi There, I've read about the Borough Market many times --but this is the first time I've seen pictures of it. Thanks so much for sharing. Those fresh veggies/fruits/meats looks delicious!

  3. Enjoyed the peek into Borough market :) Interesting that plastic bags with water above the fishies keep the flies away? Colorful veggies. I think is market is a place i would to shop in!

  4. Markets always look very attractive with the red tomatoes and green veg.

  5. oww. this made me hungry. Looks tasty. :)

  6. Looks like a wonderful place! I hope I remember to stop by next time I'm in London.


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