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Friday, 15 June 2012

The Southbank Centre

 The Southbank centre is made up of the Royal Festival Hall, the Queen Elizabeth Hall and the Hayward art Gallery. The Royal Festival Hall was built in a hurry in 1951 to celebrate The Festival of Britain which was conceived as a way to cheer up the people of Britain after the austerity and rationing which followed the 2nd World War. The buildings are uninspiring concrete monstrosities but you just can't help enjoying what goes on in and around them. This month they are celebrating art, music, dance and stories from around the world. The whole site will be transformed over the coming weeks.

 Flying from the tops of the buildings are specially commissioned flags which blend together emblems from around the world.

These two giant figures made from reclaimed wood help one another to scale the building

Children's giant alphabet building blocks brighten up the sky.

However, when I stood back I realised that the blocks became different words depending on your viewpoint.
Very clever take on having a different view.

Here you can see how they have transformed the concrete walkways with scuptures made from plastic bottles. This is called 'Wastescape'

More plastic has been used around these pillars.

I think this exhibit is part of a rainbow park they are constructing but it's not yet finished. Couldn't quite work out why they had used thousands of sieves.


  1. Sorry Birthday Bear is really me, diane b, but I'm having trouble signing in and out of my blogs.

  2. Wow! Stalactites and stalagmites made from plastic water bottles. Brilliant! I am also mystified by all the green sieves, but they are pretty.

  3. I have a similar point of view about the cement block buildings at Brisbane's Southbank precinct, but there is the delightful man-made beach/pools, galleries, cafe's etc to make up for their appearance. I really like the giant children's blocks ... very clever and colourful!

  4. Interesting ! this is an area I don't know very well.

  5. Fascinating! I love the "Wastescape"! Last year I was fortunate enough to meet some artists who make sculptures from waste they've taken off beaches, Skeleton Sea. They were in Alicante for an environmental project in collaboration with the Volvo Ocean Race (sailing). Was lots of fun participating in making a giant bouquet of flowers from beach rubbish! :o)

    In case you're interested:

    and more of their work:


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