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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Carriage Procession

Today I had recovered from the cold and damp of the River Pageant and went into London to watch the carriage procession. First I had to find somewhere to view the procession.

I found this wall in Whitehall that I was able to stand on and get a great view.

Whilst waiting we were treated to some brilliant brass band music from a variety of military bands

Security was everywhere

Marksmen on the rooftops

The Queen was driven past on her way to lunch in Westminster Hall

The gun carriages pulled by the King's Troop were on their way to St James's park to fire a 60 gun salute

Excitement started to build when the home guard were put into their positions to line the route

Start of the royal procession with the Sovereign's escort

The Queen with Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall. She should have been accompanied by Prince Phillip but he was taken into hospital yesterday with a bladder infection. Let's hope he makes a speedy recovery.

Princes William and Harry.

I managed to get through the crowds and into the Mall just in time to see the fly past of a Hurrican bomber flanked by spitfires

The red arrows flying over Buckingham Palace

By the time I got down The Mall to the Palace it was all over just  the clearing up to do and the dismantling of the stage where last night's concert was held. The rain was now coming down by the bucketful - again! But Britain wouldn't be Britain without our eccentrics:


  1. Fabulous captures of British pomp and ceremony. The Brits sure know how to put on a parade. The carriages are gorgeous. You were lucky to get such a good view in the crowds.

  2. Your pictures are really very good and so sharp ! I saw this on TV and I thought what a wonderful "show" it has been all these days, I think it was the biggest and best I have ever seen ! Everything was so well organized and thought out. The Queen really changed and adapted so good to modern times. I think the origin was Diana's death who changed her so much. She is a very intelligent woman ! I admire her for that too.

  3. Really enjoyed several of your posts and blog in general.. Loved all the photos.. Will be visiting again..

  4. It was much more fun to visit London with YOU than to watch the festivities on the tube. I felt like I was there! Thank goodness the rain stayed away long enough for the carriages. Those pictures of the aircraft are awesome! And look at those rain clouds! :-)

  5. Thanks for visiting! Today is our national day, unfortunately there are hardly any feelings for this particular day when we usually find that Midsummer is the big weekend that we should have chosen for our day!
    Nice pictures you have!

  6. You managed to get a great vantage point to get these wonderful shots!

  7. This is awesome... I am so glad that you posted some 'up close' photos... I watched alot of the Jubilee on TV here --but being there would have been so much nicer... I feel as if I was there --when watching your photos... Thanks SO SO SO much.

  8. oh I really loved all these posts on the Jubilee...I watched it last night on tv and it was great but even better to see your photos of it!!!

  9. You found yourself a great position ... and how exciting to actually be there soaking up the atmosphere. I have loved watching it all from the comfort of my sofa but nothing beats being there.
    Love your pics!

  10. Magnificent coverage of the extravaganza!!

  11. WAU, with some nice billederdu shows from Queen Elizabeth's 60 th anniversary. Wonderful post. Wishing you a good Thursday. Hanne Bente / hbt.finus.dk

  12. Beautiful photos. You are so lucky to be there. I only watched it on tv.

  13. Es muß ein aufregendes Erlebnis sein. Die ganze Welt hat die Feierlichkeiten beobachtet. .....sehr schöne Fotos...
    Liebe Grüße, Karin

  14. Wonderful photos! I've been watching some of the celebrations on TV. But to be there must be a different and amazing experience altogether.

  15. Great photos, it really felt close! You were really lucky to have been able to witness all of this! :o)


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