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This is it! I've given up work -retired from the rat race and am about to start on a 10 year adventure, doing all those things I've been meaning to do but never had the time to do them. I've offloaded my responsibilities and it is now my time. So follow my adventures and see whether I actually manage anything!

Monday, 16 April 2012


This weekend I went to visit friends who live in Uckfield. The name was derived from the river Uck which passes through the village. Until the 1850s it was quite a small place but with the coming of the railways the village expanded into the small town that it is today.

There are some beautiful walks around the area and a nature walk has been developed alongside the river from the town out to Hempstead Mill. Unfortunately the walk cannot follow the river all the way as permission has not been granted from one of the landowners for access across his field. In fact a new sign has appeared warning people to 'Beware of the bull'! We did look around but we saw no bull.


  1. A shame the pretty walk is interrupted by a invisible bull. Has anyone ever put an F in front on the sign?

  2. Love that image of the bridge and rushing water. Congrats on your retirement - sounds like a series of exciting adventures await you! I retired 18 months ago and am SO enjoying the change of pace, although still lead a very busy life while managing to pursue photo shoot outings with a good friend. Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy adventures.

  3. What a beautiful spot to go for a stroll. The little bridge and water are so serene looking. Nice photography. genie


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