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Sunday, 22 April 2012

London Marathon 2012

Today was the London Marathon. Almost 36,000 people took part from the world's greatest marathon runners to ones who seemed to be struggling from the word go. It is a great spectacle to watch. A few years ago I ran it myself. It was an amazing achievement and the incredible crowd really help to get you round. Now I have done it I feel happy to stand back and watch the runners go by.  

These photos were taken at the 8 mile point. These runners have been running for about 45mins so are doing really well.

As time goes on we see more and more of the fun runners who raise an amazing amount for their chosen charities.

Even rhinos run the marathon!

This runner is trying to get the world record for running a marathon whilst carrying the highest structure. I believe iit is 24ft high

This shows the full height of the tower he is carrying. It is based on the Blackpool Tower.


  1. These are great pictures! I didn't realize people dressed up like this for your marathon, and carrying a tower? Amazing! Good captures; the weather looks perfect.

  2. Haha! I've NEVER run a marathon - but I'd still be content to watch the runners pass! Especially when they're in such interesting costumes!!

  3. Amazing documentary photos of this event. I can;t believe that some people can run the whole marathon with such weird costumes on!

  4. Crazy to run a marathon will all that extra weight! Very dedicated people there...


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