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Thursday, 26 April 2012

(London Museum #6) Charles Dickens Museum

Charles Dickens lived in this victorian, terraced house in the heart of Bloomsbury, London  for just 2 years from 1837-39. But it was here that he wrote two of his most famous works - Oliver Twist and Nicholas Nickleby.

The house opened as a museum in 1925 and they have tried to furnish the house as it would have been when Dickens lived there. Much of the furniture is his original furniture.
This is the lounge where the family would entertain. Dickens was well known within London society at that time and his company would have been in demand.
A typical victorian scullery where the servants would have done the washing and ironing. I doubt Dickens would have ever set foot in this part of the house. 
Walking round the house and browsing through the rooms you get a feel for life during the Victorian era. There are many rare editions and manuscripts to view. I found it informative and enjoyable to just wander in his footsteps. 
The Museum is closing at the end of this week for refurbishment. I just hope they do a sensitive update so none of the essence of this dickensian building is lost


  1. Very interesting! I wish I could visit the museum and walk in his footsteps, too. I also hope they update it without changing its essence. I wonder why it even needs refurbishment. Thanks for the tour! :-)

  2. How wonderful! I love Dickens' novels but this is one museum I missed out on seeing. NExt trip! :-)

  3. Fascinating! This is my kind of museum, feels alive! :o)


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