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Sunday, 1 April 2012

My brother

Memories of a curly haired boy hiding behind his mother       Painfully shy with adults

As the years went by the shyness fell away and he became the leader of the gang.
I would follow him endlessly
Five years his junior I would do anything he asked

My brother - my hero

As we grew older we drifted further apart.
Years of not seeing him as he travelled the world
We rarely spoke as our lives moved along different paths
My brother - Peter

As we aged the distance between began to lessen.
Once more he became that unassuming, gentle person I knew
The last decade he devoted his time to caring for Mum.

Our now regular meetings left me wanting to spend more time with him.
To listen to his stories,
The cheeky smile taking over his face,
His humour, compassion and humility now engulfed him.

My brother - Peter

Last month for the first time in 20 years he came to visit,
We had not spent so much joyous time together since my childhood.
Did he know his time was limited? I don't know
But thank-you for those few precious days.
My brother - Peter.


  1. A wonderful and honest tribute to your brother. When we get older we realise that being close to our siblings is important.

    1. What a beautiful tribute.
      I believe that we will always wish we'd spent more time with those close to us, than we had.  Maybe how we hold them in our hearts is as important as the time we had?
      So saddened to hear of your loss, and our thoughts are very much with you. x.
      Please!  Do call on us, sometime.
      All our love. Andrew, Vic + Girls.

  2. Beautiful and very moving In Memoriam.

    Lots of hugs!


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