Saturday, 30 July 2022

Brief holiday

 The plan was to spend five days here on the small island of Menorca, off the coast of Spain, with my daughter whilst her two children were away camping with their Dad. With all the problems with flying at the moment creating numerous cancellations and delays we were delighted that our early morning flight from Gatwick took off on time.

 We spent a number of family holidays in the north west of the island when the children were young teenagers and always enjoyed our time here. This time we stayed on the other side of the island in a beautiful hotel, the Artiem Carlos. an adult only spa hotel. 

 This is the jacuzzi with its view out to sea.

The view from our balcony.

It was the perfect place to recharge the batteries after the last two very difficult years.

But nothing ever quite works out as planned. On our second day there my daughter received a phone call to say that her 4 yr old son had broken his leg whilst playing football!
A quick change of plans and an early flight home and our beautiful holiday came to an abrupt end. 

My grandson is fine but will be in a plaster cast for about 6 weeks. Next weekend  I have arranged to take my daughter and the two grandchildren to spend a week on a farm. That should prove challenging!


  1. I don't mind what happens to spouse or to me, but seeing a grandchild hurt is a heartbreaker. I wish him well.
    At least you had a few days enjoying that beautiful blue ocean.

  2. Poor little guy. That sure is a nice looking place for a vacation of any length. :-)

  3. I think I might never leave the jacuzzi, with that view! So sorry you had to cut your visit short. Poor little guy. Summer is not a fun time to have a cast!

  4. How in the world did your grandson manage that? What a beautiful spot and so sorry the trip was shortened.

  5. It is horrible for children to wear a leg in a cast, just so terribly frustrating for them. Where you were staying looks very nice, especially the jacuzzi with sea views. It is a pity it was cut short, but you have the farm visit to look forward to.

  6. Oh goodness that looks like a nasty break. What a shame about your holiday. Good luck with the trip to the farm. Your grandson will definitely find it a challenge. One of our great nephews broke his arm recently and it required surgery to put it right. He has a cast from fingers to upper arm. What is it with boys?

  7. Ouch, broken limbs are always a headache. Ive broken my wrist 3 times and collarbone once, not nice. Your holiday looks divine though, that pool over the ocean - wow

  8. Sorry your holiday was cut short.
    Good wishes for your Grandson as he heals.

    All the best Jan

  9. Poor baby! I hope the farm vacay goes well for everyone and I hope you and your daughter are able to reschedule the rest of the trip in the not-too-distant future after everyone is all recovered; I *do* know (and remember) that the little one comes first.

  10. That's really bad that you had to interrupt your Holydays ! The 13 days I spent in Djerba in à SPA Wellness Hôtel has at least helped me to get my body right ! Only the Last 2 days were too hot 36°C ! My son and grandson came back from Italy with Covid only my DIL escaped !


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