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Friday, 19 June 2015

Hiking the Bald Hills above Maligne Lake

Marilyn's brother, Ted collected me early for a hike in the higher ground. It was a dull morning but we were hoping it would clear to provide us with some spectacular views. The route to Maligne Lake took us past Medicine Lake where I couldn't resist stopping and taking in the view despite the low cloud.

Arrived at the Maligne Lake parking lot which was not very busy and I had my first glimpse of this beautiful Lake

Disappointingly the cloud covered the mountain tops  but Ted thought it might still clear before we reached the top.

It was a steep walk up with no respite from the incline. I was surprised to see pockets of snow from early on in the walk.

The walk was through the forest and little gems appeared such as this white growth

Every now and then the clouds would part to reveal partial views

Once at the top there was considerably more snow which was a bit of a novelty for me in the Summer months.

We tried following the path further up in the hope of getting a good view of the lake but it wasn't to be as the rain started to fall quite heavily. We found a spot to shelter beneath the fir trees and had some lunch, still hoping that the clouds might clear.

It wasn't to be and we both began to feel the cold so decided it was time to descend.

I was more than happy with the few glimpses we had of the lake as the clouds drifted.

Back at the lake we had a drink in the cafe and wandered over to look at the boathouse.

'Curly' Phillips a well known guide of the 1920s and 30s built this boathouse in 1928. In the winter it was used to house the boats that he had built. It is still used today and is the last remaining structure of the Maligne Lake Camp

Lots more spectacular views on our way back to Jasper

Beautiful reflections in Medicine Lake.

On the way back there was a crowd gathered on the road who were watching a black bear with her cub. They were some distance away and although I took some photos they weren't very good. But a little further along the road there was another group of people and this time the bear was much closer to the road. It was a mother with two cubs and this time I did get some good shots.

Whilst Mum was having a play with this cub, her other one had started to move closer to the road.

Mum's ears pricked up and her eyes were looking at us. Time to move quickly away!

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  1. Lovely and fantastic landscape in the mountains. In Poland you can meet a pocket of snow in the Tatra Mountains

  2. such beautiful views! i loved the pines and mountains and the low clouds. great sighting on the bear and cub!

  3. Plenty of zooming there, I hope.

  4. Such spectacular scenery, even on a cloudy, rainy day. And lucky you, seeing the mama bear and her cubs so close!

  5. I'm glad you got to Maligne Lake. I see it wasn't frozen for you. Did you walk along the chasm that feeds the Lake?

  6. Aaaah - gorgeous Canada! A beautiful series of captures; thank you for sharing this stunning part of our world.

  7. Gorgeous scenery and great shots of the bear and cub!

  8. Stunning views and I think the clouds are almost a benefit. Those bear shots are superb!

  9. Magnificent scenery. Loved the boat house and it's reflection and the Bears were wonderful bonus shot for us to sea.

  10. You saw bears?! I was in Canada for two weeks a couple of years ago and the only thing I saw were a couple of chipmunks! I am now really really really jealous!!

  11. Lovely scenery even in the poor weather. You must be one fit lady. A great encounter with a bear and her cubs.

  12. ho boy...did I enjoy going along with you on this trek. For a dull day...ya can't hike extraordinary beauty. What great landscape shots. Oh. I wish I was there with you.

  13. What a fabulous adventure, and your pictures tell the story quite well, even if you didn't get the complete shot because of the clouds. I know how that feels, since it happens to me a lot around here. Love your bear photos! Wise to stay back a ways, for sure. :-)

  14. What a gorgeous place - the clouds add to its mysterious feeling.

  15. I remember I have been there too some time ago, it is beautiful there. Those bears we have hardly seen, everybody had seen them on the road except we. We only saw them once on the waterfront when on a boat.

  16. You are so lucky to get to see all this amazing scenery 1st hand and the bears too!


  17. Stunning scenery and to see the bears as well is an added bonus. Beautiful xx

  18. What an amazing part of the world. Stunning scenery and wildlife. Seems just perfect.


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