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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Bow Lake

This is Day 5 of my trip to the Canadian Rockies. Waking up this morning in the Num-Ti-Jah Lodge I could hardly wait to go outside to explore. Bow Lake was so still that it mirrored the mountains perfectly.

The beauty is outstanding, with the turquoise of the water set against the green fir trees and the white snow.
After breakfast we walked around the Lake towards the Bow glacier and waterfalls.

From the other side of the Lake you could still see the Lodge where we had spent the night.
In the other direction you can see the glacier that we were heading towards.

We crossed some of the icy cold smaller streams that feed the lake.

Every step had me spellbound by the scenery

Using the self timer, had us taking this ridiculous pose to make sure we were in the frame!

The waterfall descending from the glacier.

On the way back we could hear the gushing water beneath us.

The snow melt finding its way to Bow Lake

It was a sad farewell to Bow Lake as we moved on to our next stop at Lake Louise.

Sitting by the riverside in Lake Louise I noticed some movement on the rocks which I thought was a squirrel or a chipmunk. However after watching it for a little while I realised it was neither so am unsure but thought it might be a pika.

This was our home for the next 3 nights, just a mile from Lake Louise we had  a balcony with a view of the mountains.

That evening we had a meal in the old railway station.

The station may no longer be used as a railway station but the  trains still thundered past.


  1. Hello, I enjoying your trip photos. the mountains, lake and the streams are all so beautiful. Gorgeous images!

  2. Didn't you love the glacier blue of the water? It was a beautiful day for your lake walk. Some of that trail would likely have been under the glacier not too long ago.

  3. We are not far north today at Jasper and visited Lake Maligne today. The similar views are beyond description.

  4. What a neat trip you are having. That water looks so clear. I had a laugh at your selfie!

  5. Oh, wow … some of those turquoise and azure blue colours of the water are exquisite. You made it all the way to the Rockies! You truly are a globetrotter extraordinaire. :)

  6. All those places look new to me. Gorgeous scenery!

  7. What a fabulous place! I really love your pictures of the amazing scenery. :-)

  8. Bow Lake is drop-dead gorgeous, as is Lake Louise. Glad you are having such a good time!

  9. Beautiful landscape, reminds me a bit of the Alps.

  10. I'm going to drown in my envy. Beautiful photos.

  11. Hope the trains didn't ride in the night!. The sceneries of the mountains are stunning.

  12. The Rockies really are out of this world. As a train geek, I envy you your choice of restaurant.

  13. Fabulous scenery and it is reflected fantastically in the windows. Have a lovely weekend.

  14. Every step a breathtaking view. Lucky you.


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