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This is it! I've given up work -retired from the rat race and am about to start on a 10 year adventure, doing all those things I've been meaning to do but never had the time to do them. I've offloaded my responsibilities and it is now my time. So follow my adventures and see whether I actually manage anything!

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Day 6: Hutton-Le-Hole to Levisham

A fabulous breakfast. First time we've been given fresh fruit salad plus an extensive range of cooked breakfast. Our bags were being collected early today so needed to be ready before breakfast. Despite that it was still 9.30 before we left.

The sterile dressing I had used on my heel yesterday had remained firmly in place which prevented further rubbing. No healing is going to happen until I can expose the open wound to the air but there is no sign of an infection so that's the best I can hope for at the moment. Once I had put a fresh dressing on and Tina had put yet more blister plasters on any new signs of rubbing we gritted our teeth and forced our screaming feet into the boots!

We were off on our penultimate day of the walk with another 15 miles ahead of us.

As was customary we began the day with an uphill walk. Stopped frequently to admire the view but really it was to get my breath back.

Clumps of wild primroses were everywhere.

Another of those passing gates for the slim.

Once at the top there were some fabulous views.

Quite happy that these cows hadn't been let out yet into the field.

The sheep had the right to roam in this tiny hamlet and clearly wanted to show us the way.

Steve and Tina just outside the village of Lastingham. You can just about see St Mary's Church behind the house.The church is known for its interesting crypt but I was struggling enough today without adding more places to visit so that will have to wait until another visit to Yorkshire.
We saw a lot of cyclists as it is the beginning of the Tour de Yorkshire race today and we are very close to the route. Many cyclists were on their way to support the event.

This is St Cedds well in the centre of the village. The inscription reads:

Paul and Tim were waiting for us to catch up just to make sure we took the correct path out of the village.

Almost Jim!

Well recovered.

Lots of ups and downs today.

A few discussions about which was the correct path, so time for some photos.

Oh dear they're still checking out where we are!

I think you're just showing off now Tim.

These crossing stones reminded us of a miniature Thames Barrier.

When we reached this road we could see where supporters had written messages for the riders of the Tour de Yorkshire cycling race. Wiggo is the nickname of Sir Bradley Wiggins, a four time Olympic Gold medalist and winner of the Tour de France in 2012.  Sadly it would be another 2 hours before they passed this spot - far too long for us to wait around.
We had a long walk through a forest which we wanted to complete before lunch but we had a small dispute as to where we were between Tim and his gizmo and myself and the map. Tina, Jim and myself refused to walk back to go on another path so Paul gave me the map and we continued our route whilst Tim, Paul and Steve followed the gizmo on another path. (We got there first on a much easier path).
I loved the way the light found its way through the dense  forest.

Lunchtime at last.

This was quite a desolate landscape not sure  whether there had been a fire at some point but no sign of blackened vegetation.
 It was punishing terrain and very painful for Tina and myself, but a real treat awaited us when we reached the valley floor.

We came across this picturesque railway station.
This is the Esk Valley steam railway line at Levisham although it is almost 2 miles from the village.
One of the paraffin lights in the toilets.

Steve said there wasn't another train arriving at the station today. I assumed  he had asked the man in the signal box but he hadn't!

So when we climbed the hill we saw the train going through the station!

Did get good views of the smoke as it travelled along the valley though!

Once we reached the top of the hill it was a mile walk into the village but no more hills. Think this must have something to do with horse riding but no idea really.

 My foot was really hurting when we finally arrived at the pub so I didn't even bother to take any photos of the small village. In fact this photo of the pub I took the following morning. The owner of the pub was an excellent host and we enjoyed an evening of very good food and drink.


  1. Wait until I show my husband your train station shots...he want to go there :). Looks like you are having a wonderful time.

  2. Such a long walk, but with wonderful views and fascinating places to visit!

  3. poor feet. I can understand the discomfort.

  4. A wonderful walk with great sceneries, but I can almost feel your pain. Must be a horror to walk like that. At last a pub with a good meal and somebody to welcome you.

  5. wow!! I have a similar goal on my bucket list :) good on you all
    love your photos

  6. a great day with lots of experiences :)

  7. Too bad you couldn't stop to see that crypt. I hope your foot stays infection free. Can't wait for the next installment.

  8. I am just discovering your blog and I have to say, I admire your endurance! Wonderful scenery and beautiful pictures. I hope your foot holds out!

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  10. It is truly exhilarating going thru that walk, maybe i fully joined you, and the photos are plenty. Kidding aside i really enjoy walking thru your walk. However i can feel the aching foot too. I wish i can also do these hikes and walks more often, as it is difficult doing that here in our hot climate. We can't cover long distances and the vegetation much difficult, and oh the humidity will keep you panting. I've tried doing that 2x in New Zealand and i fully enjoyed it, walking without sweating much. How i wish i can do it again in a cold country. I hope your feet gets better, and i will go back to see how the injury happened.

  11. I can see the cows salivating in anticipation of being let out and then pursuing you. Blisters or not, I am sure you would run. Sounds like you scored with your map reading skills. The station and signal box are terrific.

  12. I had to laugh because your daily walks are also based on the Breakfast quality, lol ! I am sure that you will have walked enough for the next weeks ! Still beautiful pictures !

  13. These are awfully long walks with such painful feet. I'll be glad for you when you can recover properly, but in the meantime I'm enjoying the trip. :-)

  14. Kudos to you and Tina for hiking such a distance with such sore feet! I love the train station photos!

  15. The little train station and glimpse of the train must have been a joy to see. Its a shame about your feet.

  16. Better the sheep on the loose than the cows, eh? It looks as if you are making a phone call by the cow shelter! Such s beautiful walk and if only your blisters weren't so painful I'm sure you would want it to never end.


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