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Monday, 22 July 2013

The Olympics one year on

It is one year this week since the London 2012 Olympics began. So on Friday I returned to the Olympic Park for a concert and get together with fellow volunteers.

 We were welcomed by a jazz band.
 The VIPs arrived; David Cameron (Prime Minister), Boris Johnson (Mayor of London) and Lord Coe (Gold medallist Olympian and organiser of the 2012 games)

They were there giving out goody bags(containing very little) but really a PR outing. I chose to receive a bag from Seb Coe. Camera was in my pocket so no photo unfortunately.
 Security were trying to move me out of the way but too late as Cameron stopped to wait for the others in front of me.

 The athletes' village where I was working last year. The apartments will be ready next year for people to move into them. They had no kitchens when the athletes were using them so once they have all been installed they will be ready for occupation.

 There was also a  funfair but it looked a bit stomach churning for me.

 Instead I had a game of sitting volleyball which I loved - once I worked out how to move!

 Then the concert started with a variety of acts some from the West End musicals and others were from the world of pop music. I went right up to the stage but the sound was too much for me so left that space for the young ones.

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  1. Yay … good for you regarding Cameron AND for playing volleyball when sitting down! It looks like a fun time was had by all. :)

  2. The Queen Elizabeth park will be wonderful once complete next year. It's in transition of course at the moment but full marks to the organizers for having the vision to plan and execute something long lasting for all of us.

  3. How great that you could all get together a year later. Knowing that the buildings will be repurposed is comforting.

  4. Nice catch on the PM...I loved following your adventures as a volunteer last year... It really was more fun for me than watching them on TV, because I could imagine myself doing what you were doing!


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