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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

National Trust #8 Nymans

In the late 18thcent the Messel family bought the Nymans Estate in the Sussex Weald to create their dream home and garden. As well as traditional English flowers they brought plants  from around the world to create this romantic picturesque garden.

In 1947 the house was partially destroyed by fire  with just  the ruins of a gothic mansion left and a few downstairs rooms which had been the servants' quarters.

During the war the building had been used as a school for evacuees from London.

The last of the family to live at Nymans was Anne Messel born in 1902 who was the grandaughter of Ludvig and Annie Messel who had the house built. Looking around the few rooms that remain you see it how it was when she lived there. In the study below you can see the television which she apparently didn't like but bought  so she could watch the Queen's Coronation in 1953. Afterwards she had curtains made for it so it didn't look like a TV.

In the gardens is a beautiful walkway covered with wisteria which was in full bloom.

The rose garden

 Inside the walled garden

Out in the wild garden there were still rhodedendrons in flower.


  1. Another very nice garden. How interesting that she stayed on after the fire. I guess quite some work must have been done to make the remains habitable. I am not so sure about the explanation for the tv curtains. It looks awfully like a stage and so to watch the would be a special occasion that requires the curtains to go up. Reminds me a bit of a Punch and Judy stage.

  2. A beautiful garden and grounds - I just love that Gothic architecture though! Thanks for sharing (and for stopping by my blog). Wishing you a happy (and adventurous!) week.

  3. Such a variety of colors of flowers, and I do love the curtained tv. It always bothers me when the television is the focal point of a lovely living room!

  4. Beautiful place with lovely garden.

  5. Gorgeous place. I love it... The gardens are awesome. Who owns it now? Someone obviously is taking good care of it (gardens mainly)... Not sure how much is left of the house/mansion --but I'll bet it was fabulous at one time...

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a pretty place. Liked seeing your photos of the gardens.

  7. Beautiful images with a fascinating history

  8. What a lovely spot with beautiful gardens. I especially like the wisteria in full bloom - gorgeous!

  9. Beautifull place, I love seeing wisteria but have only managed to grow one once and the frost killed it.

  10. What a nice story and incredable she lived in the remains of the house. Must have felt sad for her to see that all the time.

  11. It is a shame that it couldn't have been fully restored

  12. what a glorious garden and such a shame that this fine house was destroyed. Such memories and history it must hold in its walls.
    Have a great week, and thank you for stopping by my blog this week.

  13. Just glorious. I am happy to visit virtually. We'd planned a trip overseas, but it didn't happen!


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