Wednesday 31 May 2023

Piet Mondrian

 This is an extract from a new exhibition at the Tate modern entitled Forms of Life. It features two artists - Hilma AF Klint (1862-1944)  and Piet Mondrian (1872-1944). They both began as academically trained landscape artists and then developed a more radical approach to painting in the 20th cent. I had come to the exhibition to see Mondrian's work and his development. I have seen versions of his abstract paintings  used many times in design from fabrics to architecture. I have posted some of his work here in chronological order.

Evening landscape with cows. 1906
Lighthouse at Westkapelle.  1910

Dune landscape 1911

Forest (study for the trees) 1912

Composition trees 2 1912-13

Composition trees 1. 1912-3

Composition No IV  1914

For this painting Mondrian turned his attention away from the tree motif to focus on his immediate surroundings, advertisements on the facades of buildings in Paris. He believed that urban environments especially classical architecture followed the eternal laws of nature and this could be expressed through his modern approach to painting. In January 1914 Mondrian wrote ' Nature (or that which I see) inspires me but I want to come as close as possible to the truth, and thus abstract everything until I arrive at.... an outward foundation of things.' 
Composition with Grid3: LozengeComposition with Grey Lines. 1918

Composition with grey lines is a regular grid with horizontals, verticals and diagonals. The thickness of the grey lines vary and contrast with the otherwise white painting creating a flickering effect. Mondrian decided to hang it from a corner so that lines appear to extend beyond the edges of the canvas . This is a characteristic shared by all his abstract work but perhaps most evident in this painting which dominates the space. Mondrian never sold this piece but always hung it in a high position giving it a sense of prominence. he eventually gave it as a gift to a childhood friend.

Composition with Red, Blue, Black, Yellow and Grey 1921

Composition B (No II with Red) 1935

Piety Mondrian. Composition with yellow, blue and red 1937-42.


  1. Quite a variety of interesting arts

  2. Among the variety, some I really like...the earlier ones.

  3. Buena serie de cuadros, de una bonita exposición

  4. I could never appreciate Mondrian. Thanks for the explanation. Art is a very personal like,dislike, or a simple don't understand where the artist is coming from.

  5. Thank you for the wonderful stories about the paintings, and the pictures too!

  6. 2 of my favourite artists, I do like the piet mondrian dress that was created similar to the paintings.

  7. Like music and books ... art provides so much variety.

    Thanks for sharing these.

    All the best Jan


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