Thursday, 23 March 2023

Kirkstall Abbey

I have just spent a few days in Leeds, Yorkshire looking after my youngest grandson aged 18mths and the dog whilst my son and d-i-l had a couple of days away. I am not that familiar with the area as they haven't lived there that long so I decided to take my grandson to Kirkstall Abbey just a short bus ride from where they live.

The Cistercian monastery was founded c1150 and continued as an abbey until the Dissolution of the Monasteries under Henry VIII in 1539. It is set in what is now a public park with a Visitors' Centre. museum cafe and playground.

It was very impressive even though the weather was not kind to us. We did manage to dodge the showers with the help of an excellent cafe on site. Obviously my grandson wasn't in the least interested in some old ruin but he did enjoy the slide and the swings in the playground.

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  1. Impressive ruins, despite the weather!

  2. These all must have been majestic buildings in their time. Too bad they had to be dissolved. I remember visiting Cistercian Monastery ruins when we walked the Cotswolds. Can't remember the name now. Isn't it nice to babysit the grands?

  3. I am often surprised that 'ruins' like this were not scavenged for building materials at some time. Wonderful places. Also liked the 'spring' post! SM

  4. I remember walking around a similar church structure in Hexham and assuming that such remains would be regularly checked for stability of the structure. I hope so. Granny home for a recovery now.

  5. 18 months might be a bit young to remember outings with grandma or grandpa, but I love the idea of taking them to fascinating places instead of watching TV and playing electronic games. I took three of my grandchildren to the National Gallery of Victoria and asked them to remember which item they enjoyed the most. Two hours later, in the coffee shop, they gave semi thoughtful answers :)

  6. I'm sorry out northerly weather wasn't up to much for your visit. It's much warmer in the Red Rose county if you have a passport.

  7. Shame about the weather, but I enjoyed seeing your lovely photographs.
    Pleased that your grandson enjoyed the slide and the swings in the playground.

    All the best Jan

  8. Somewhere I keep meaning to get to, but haven't. Great photos!


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