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Sunday, 4 January 2015


Fitzrovia is an area of Central London which is North of Oxford Street and South of the Euston Road.. It is said that the name Fitzrovia was first used to describe the area around the pub, the Fitzroy Tavern, during the 1920s.

 The Fitzroy Tavern was named after Charles Fitzroy who developed this area in the 18th cent and is located on the corner of Charlotte Street and Windmill Street
This pub was once the meeting place for various writers and artists including Dylan Thomas, George Orwell and Augustus John.

Across the road from the Tavern is the Charlotte Street Hotel. On this site was once the Charlotte Street Chapel built in 1765. When it was demolished in 1867 a Victorian dental depot was built here. It was during this time that the number of dental products were increasing with the need for porcelain teeth and various dental instruments. After  the war there were 15 dental depots in this area serving all the dental practices around Harley Street and Wimpole Street. This building was eventually converted into a hotel that was opened in 2000. It is a boutique hotel with 52 individually designed rooms costing from £260 per night if you are interested.

Outside the hotel are these two wonderful lamp posts dating back to 1880

Walking a little further along Charlotte Street you come to Colville Place, one of London's oldest residential walkways. The residents have created quite a green oasis that all of us can enjoy as we walk through.


  1. I love going off the beaten track and finding these little lanes with so much history around them. I'm going to take a look at that hotel - what a perfect situation. Have a great week x

  2. Those lamp posts are great, and I had a flash of how much that last picture reminded me of Diagon Alley in the Potter books! :-)

  3. Cute area! I always love your posts, I learn something new every time.

  4. It is a very nice area and the lamp posts are great, originally gas I suppose.

  5. Wouldn't surprise me that I haven't been in this Pub, lol during the time I was drawing people in Pubs in London and made it to over 60 Pubs ! The Hotel looks quite nice !

  6. I really like those lamp posts. You can see the opening at the bottom of the globe where the lamplighter would have come along and used to light the lamp. Cool!

  7. Interesting bit of history. Question: where do the residents of that walkway park since its not a street?

  8. It would have taken me a while to pick this as London - which just goes to show I have lots of exploring left to do!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  9. Just read the last blog as well. You come up with some really interesting gems


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