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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Walk in the park

Today was a beautiful, sunny day in London so I went for a walk in the park but not one park- four parks in the centre of London. I arrived at London Charing Cross station late morning and walked across Trafalgar Square and down the Mall into St James's Park. I am sure all of you who have visited London will have visited St James's park as it is between Horseguards Parade and Buckingham Palace.

The London Eye watching over the park
 I have walked through this park many times but this is the first time I've ever seen a pheasant here.

 The heron is a frequent visitor to the lake

The crow was not happy to see the heron and kept chasing it away.

Across the other side of the Mall is Green Park.  Inside the park, within sight of Buckingham Palace, is the Canada Memorial.

Almost 1,000,000 Canadians, many of them volunteers, served in Britain during the two World Wars.  100.000 lost their lives.
Designed by the Canadian sculptor  Pierre Granche, the monument is made from polished red granite from the Canadian Shield and is inset with bronze maple leaves. The monument is divided into two to represent the two World Wars.

Leaving Green Park behind,it is just a few minutes walk to the Queen Elizabeth Gates of Hyde Park.

This gate is also known as the Queen Mother's gate as it was opened to celebrate the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II's mother (Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother), the centre piece of the gate is this sculpture by David Wynn of a red lion and a white unicorn.

The gates themselves are made from forged steel and reflect the Queen Mother's love of flowers.

 Inside this large park, there are many different areas  displaying varying shades of green and a wide variety of flowers.

 In the sweet smelling rose garden is a fountain built in 1860.

 A beautiful reflection in the 'Dell'

Hyde Park also has a boating lake and Lido. Beyond the Lake is Kensington Gardens. I left the Park via the Palace Gate and walked along Kensington High Strret and into yet another park. Perhaps one that is not so well known - Holland Park.

Had to take a photo of the statue when I saw that the pigeon had posed for me.

There's a more natural feel to this park with its many wooded areas

This is the Japanese garden

Hope you've enjoyed walking through the parks with me today.


  1. Yes, I did! London has beautiful parks, and Holland is a new one to me. It was a beautiful day here, too, but we will have frost tonight.

  2. Loved walking with you. It makes me so happy to be reminded that we've walked in two of these parks, which we adored of course. Missed Holland Park (had never even heard of it). The pigeon posing exactly in the right spot is a great catch!

  3. Thanks for a great tour of London's parks.

  4. Wished I could have walked with you ! We still have rain, maybe today it will be better !

  5. Yes, I truly enjoyed the lovely walk through the parks with you today. And that pigeon was definitely posing for you! :-)

  6. Wo, you are fully in spring. Great photos especially my favourite birds. Thanks

  7. Every year My students and me walk through the St. James Park to Buckingham Palace. Nice walk.

  8. All of your different park walks were terrific.... WOW--what an incredible place to walk. Love the Pheasant and the reflections in the water.

    After walking so much recently, you probably really enjoyed your "Walk in the PARKS".... Beautiful photos.


  9. Thanks for the pretty walk. I'm a bit tired now so I'll have a rest.

  10. Oh I. Would love to be along! Great pictures...Thanks

  11. Oh I. Would love to be along! Great pictures...Thanks

  12. Interesting info and photos of these places. That's a lot to take in at one time :)


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