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This is it! I've given up work -retired from the rat race and am about to start on a 10 year adventure, doing all those things I've been meaning to do but never had the time to do them. I've offloaded my responsibilities and it is now my time. So follow my adventures and see whether I actually manage anything!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Day 3: Black Sail Hostel to Rosthwaite

 After we had eaten and washed up the breakfast dishes we were packed and ready to leave Black Sail Youth Hostel by 9am. 
(If you are interested in staying here then here is the link to YHA Black Sail )
It was a bright day although the clouds were obscuring our views of the mountain tops.

Steve's flair for fashion did not disappoint and we knew whatever the weather we wouldn't be able to lose sight of him in the mountains.

Even the sheep came down for a look.

It was another steep climb to start the day.

But once at the top, as the clouds began to lift, we were rewarded with  excellent views down the valley to Ennerdale valley and Buttermere valley in the distance.

Couldn't resist taking numerous photos.

From the top we descended via an old train track that had been used to bring slate down from a quarry.
At least we didn't need to use a map to find the way down.

At the bottom of the track was a cafe with one of the original trains outside. Naturally we had to partake of a cup of tea and some cake and make use of their beautiful facilities. There was also a large window inside the cafe  looking into the workshop so you could watch them cutting the slate.

Today was a short walk of approx 7 miles so we had plenty of time to linger over our drink before moving on again. The path down into the next valley ran parallel to the road and was a pleasant and easy walk to Borrowdale.

There are an enormous number of sheep in the Lake District and at this time of the year the lambs were in abundance frolicking in the fields.
 A rare sign. The National Trust which owns a lot of the land in the Lake District is not too happy about the erection of numerous signs hence the need to use a map.

We had hoped to stop somewhere for a cream tea which Jim had set his heart on, but unfortunately this beautiful old tea shop in the village of Seatoller was closed.

We settled on a wooded area to eat our lunch in stead and where the boys could play and climb the trees!

After lunch we followed the path which took us alongside the fast flowing  River Derwent before walking past the Longthwaite Youth Hostel which had beautiful views across the river and up the valley.

A useful way to use old walking boots. These were all lined up outside  the Youth Hostel. We were not staying in a Youth Hostel tonight but a B and B (Bed and Breakfast) in the small village of Rosthwaite.

This lamb had just been born. It was moving and eventually got on its feet.

Just across from this field was the house where  we were staying for the night. A little different from the Hostel we were in last night. We were met at the door by the owner Rachel who showed us to our rooms where she had already carried up all our cases!
As I think I mentioned in an earlier post our luggage is being transported by a company called 'Packhorse'.They have a copy of our itinerary and collect our luggage in the morning once we have left our accommodation and then deliver it to our next stopover. It is an extremely efficient service and a way of ensuring an enjoyable walk without being weighed down with the burden of luggage. The only time they could not deliver our luggage to us was last night at the Youth Hostel due to its remote location.

This was the view from the house. Rachel was the perfect host with tea and homemade cake provided as soon as we had settled in and showered.

 B and Bs do not usually provide evening meals but that wasn't a problem as the village had a wonderful pub with some great food and a chance to catch up with other walkers.

We left the pub just in time to see the sunset over the mountains. The end of another wonderful day walking in the Lake District.


  1. Your certanly keeping fit walking round that area, I've only visited never walked the hills

  2. My eyes are still adjusting from seeing Steve's outfit.

  3. 'Tis all so beautifully English in the best way. I would love to roam those hills and valleys soaking up the moss covered rock fences, the green grass, old buildings...delightful.

  4. I wonder if we have anything like Packhorse here. Interesting about the National Trust. It seems to be a very powerful organisation. Signs no more than a metre tall for walkers are surely not objectionable.

  5. What a lovely end to the day. That sunset was gorgeous. Glad there were no missed trails on day 3.

  6. Such a beautiful area! And your pictures are really great. Love the whole idea of having one's luggage delivered ahead of time. I'm really enjoying your trek, and your pictures, as I said. Keep 'em coming! :-)

  7. Lake District is my favourite area. It is nice spending actively time there. The sheep are nice.

  8. Another day of the most beautiful sights, and ending with that sunset? What a treat! I love the villages you are passing through also.

  9. such amazing and breathtaking views!

  10. The landscapes are stunning there. I admire your power to go up all those hills.

  11. Wow - beautiful landscapes!

  12. That is a great idea to have a packhorse company to move your cases. The scenery is so green and beautiful


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