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Saturday, 17 March 2012

St James's Park

This is a photo of The Mall looking towards Buckingham Palace. To the left of The Mall is St James's Park and to the right of The Mall is St James's Palace. This photo was taken early on a Sunday morning before the tourists arrived. Evenso people are beginning to gather to see the changing of the guard which happens everyday at 11am.

St James's Park originated as a  women's leper hospital in the 13th cent. Then in the 16th cent it was purchased by Henry VIII who wanted a royal deer park near St James's Palace for hunting. In the 17th cent King James1 drained and landscaped the park. Then Charles 11 created a long canal with avenues of trees and lawns on each side. The King used the canal for swimming during the summer and skating during the winter.

A gift of pelicans were given to King Charles in 1664 by a Russian Ambassador and this gifting continues today - hence you can see pelicans wandering around the park.

The park was redesigned in the 19th cent with the canal becoming a lake and a bridge added in 1857 from where this photo was taken.
 London has so many wonderful parks providing a haven from the hustle and bustle of city life. 


  1. A fascinating history of St James' Park. I doubt you'd see the Queen swimming in it today.

  2. Skating in winter? Must have been during the "little Ice Age", I don't see it getting that cold now!


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