Monday, 14 June 2021

Turner's Modern World.

 Art galleries are open once again and I took the opportunity of booking this exhibition at Tate Britain. You have to book to do anything at the moment and I found myself outside the gallery one hour before my booked entry time. As it wasn't busy they let me in early and I was in the unusual position of being just one of three people visiting at that time.

J. M. W. Turner (1775-1851) is a British artist who painted a wide range of subjects. He lived through a changing world of revolutions, Napoleonic wars, abolition of  the British colonies as well as witnessing the industrial revolution with its introduction of railways and the construction of canals throughout the country. The exhibition featured all these contemporary events which had an influence on the subject matter of his paintings.
High Green, Wolverhampton
So much to see in this painting of Wolverhampton's annual July Fair, which he did after visiting the town in 1794.

Turner filled many sketchbooks with drawings and watercolours while travelling around Britain in the 1790s.

The Battle of Trafalgar.
Turner admired Nelson greatly and regarded him as a national hero. Turner painted this picture as a tribute to Nelson rather than an accurate depiction of the event.
The Chain Pier, Brighton
Many of Turner's paintings featured water.

Venice, the Bridge of Sighs
Byron was Turner's favourite modern poet and he illustrated Byron's Life and Works. When Turner exhibited this painting he did so alongside a couplet from Byron:
I stood upon a bridge, a palace and
A prison on each hand.

Rain, Steam and Speed - The Great Western Railway.

The Fighting Temeraire tugged to her last berth to be broken up, 1838.

The last two paintings I photographed are probably the most famous of his works. They show his skill at painting light, colour and atmosphere in his work. I enjoyed the exhibition as there were a number of paintings I hadn't seen before but more than that I enjoyed the experienced of visiting an art gallery once again.

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  1. I also enjoyed the tour, and learning about Turner and his talent. I haven't been to a museum in ages, but you are making me think about make an excursion to our local one. :-)

  2. I'm also itching to visit museums again - the Tates being my favourites!

  3. We are eager to see museums also! We will hopefully visit one when we are in Chicago.

  4. So nice they let you in early instead of waiting the hour. Was there a movie made about Turner? I remember the landscapes in the movie were wonderful. Movie itself was a bit disjointed if it's the one I think it is.

  5. He is one of my favourite painters. There is a lot to see in the first painting.

  6. Our national gallery has one of his works, and it is of a mythology setting.

  7. Just three people to view Turner? I know these are strange times but this statistic says much that is bad about modern Britain.

  8. That must have been an exhilarating experience. Seeing such a wonderful artists work with very few people. I saw the film of Turner's life. It was very good.

  9. So nice to have the museum to yourself. We saw Van Gogh Alive! at the Dali Museum in St Pete, Florida in Feb this year. With timed ticket entry, it was still a tad crowded.

  10. Although places are opening up a little more, I do wonder how long it will take for visitor numbers to increase. I think many people are still hesitant to go out.

    I did enjoy seeing your photographs, the The Fighting Temeraire has always been a favourite of mine.

    All the best Jan

  11. Must have been a great experience! Loved the painting of the Battle of Trafalgar the best.

  12. It's neat that the notebook was carried around and painted in, shows what he saw through his eyes.

  13. The last two paintings you photographed are definitely the most famous of his works :)... and they do show his skill at painting light, colour and atmosphere. Let me mention a story about how memorable these paintings are. In 1990 I was having a mid-life career crisis and decided to go back to uni to start again. I asked my father what he remembered from the Art History he studied back in 1939, and his immediate response was "Only two works: The Great Western Railway and The Fighting Temeraire, both by Turner."

  14. Wow! How wonderful that you got to view early and with few people ~ The Tate is a great museum ~ And Turner is always excellent ~ Xo

    Live in the moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  15. How wonderful for the Tate to be open and to be at an art exhibition once again! I’m itching to see something wonderful like this. The last two are the ones I know. I love the way he paints misty watery backgrounds.

  16. Interesting that he painted the ship being tugged in for the last time as the sun is setting.

  17. impressive paintings from great artist....
    thank you for sharing the story.

  18. I have been seeing Turner's paintings. It's not my style but I like the "foggy" aspect in all paintings. There is so much to see in this Gallery, I went there several times !

  19. I am not really one to go to art galleries, but I do still want to visit the Klimt Museum in Vienna. One day...

  20. So wonderful the Galleries are open again! Thanks for the tour which I loved. Neat to have almost a private showing as you did by being early!

    1. Just occasionally I wish I lived closer to London so that I could visit the many art galleries and museums. Especially the Natural History Museum.

  21. it is a pleasure to be able to visit art galleries. :) Love what you share.


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