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This is it! I've given up work -retired from the rat race and am about to start on a 10 year adventure, doing all those things I've been meaning to do but never had the time to do them. I've offloaded my responsibilities and it is now my time. So follow my adventures and see whether I actually manage anything!

Friday, 12 May 2017

Dales Way Day 7 Burneside to Bowness-on-Windermere.

This is our 7th and last day of walking. Paul only just made it back across the road for the obligatory, morning group photo.

Trying to find somewhere to balance the camera and then get back to the group has become a daily challenge for the two of us. My camera had worked first time. This was Paul's second attempt.

The local weather forecast had predicted a very chill and wet day so we were wrapped up and ready to face whatever the weather had in store for us.

Despite the forecast we started walking under a blue sky although much colder than on previous days but that doesn't matter when you are walking. We saw the better side of the village today. This is St Oswald's church but look at the sign on the pavement.

I have never seen a church used as a post office before but what a good idea to make use of the church when there are no services on.

This rather impressive building is The Bryce Institute. Built in 1867 with money provided by John Bryce. He moved to  the village in the 1850s to manage James Cropper's expanding paper mills but he also took an interest in the welfare of the workforce. Although he died before the completion of the hall, it fulfilled all his wishes. It was built with a library, reading room, billiards hall and a large hall. In 1918 it was used as a village bath house where for 3d (old pence) you could have a warm bath. The price included a clean towel and soap. Priority was given to those workers coming off their shift at the paper mill. Nowadays it is used as a meeting place for many local groups including James Cropper plc.

We left the village walking by the road admiring the spring flowers until we reached a path taking us to continue our walk by the River Kent.

Cowan Head weir and fish pass.

On the other side of the river was an old tractor. I hope it wasn't going to be left there to rot.

The apartments on the bank of the river used to be a paper mill back in 1750. Now they are luxury apartments including a leisure centre and a 9 hole golf course.

An old stone barn which isn't currently being used. No doubt it will be sold for conversion into a luxury home for someone.

There were a few ducks on this part of the river but this pair caught my eye as I think they were goosanders which I had been told lived along here.

It was a walk of just 10 miles today so plenty of time to enjoy our surroundings. We had long since left the Yorkshire National park and entered the Lake District National Park. The undulating landscape would eventually become more rugged as the Lakeland fells get closer but I for one was glad this walk didn't take us over the mountains. My legs were feeling tired after yesterday's 16+ miles.

The most surprising gate we opened!

As the Lake District mountains became clearer we knew our walk was coming to an end.

The end of the walk was a slate bench facing the way we had come. We linked arms and walked to it together.

One last timed photo to finish yet another fun filled memorable walk.

We could now see Windermere as we walked down the hill into Bowness.

We even received an official certificate from a local chain of shops, Hawkshead (which donates money to a charity for each certificate they give out).

A short walk to the shore of the Lake and then it was something to eat in a local tea shop before checking in to our hotel for the night.
It was a good feeling to know we had all completed the walk with everyone in good health and remarkably blister free.

Thank-you to gentleman Jim who led the way without a map or gizmo, just an expert signpost spotter and gate opener.

Thank-you Paul for your expert map reading and your happy demeanor no matter how much ribbing you had to take from me.

Thank-you to Tim, our gizmo man, who kept a check on our mileage as well as having responsibility for closing all the gates behind us.

A huge thank-you to Steve for organising the trip and arranging the accommodation and many apologies for never listening when you were reading the guide book to us!

And finally a very special thank-you to Tina for being a terrific room mate.

It was a beautiful walk and I look forward to next year and meeting up again for another long distance walk.


  1. I am sure that this walk through all these beautiful places must have been very relaxing and good for you ! I have really charged my battery during my stay in Egypt ! Only one week is a bit short !

  2. Great walk and sceneries of your country, thanks for sharing.

  3. I have enjoyed your walk and all of the fabulous pictures. I missed how one would find the maps on these walks? I would like to think I could accomplish one of them.

  4. Wow. You did it. I think that team is in for another long distance trek. You work together so well. What are your next travel plans?

  5. I commend you for completing another wonderful walk, and as you said, blister free. I remember that time when your feet were pretty destroyed by the walk you were on. Congratulations to everybody! And thanks for sharing it here. :-)

  6. I could smell the fresh air.

    Do you have any idea why y'all say River Kent, while we 'cross the pond say Kent River?

  7. So fun to follow your walk... I loved every beautiful minute of it. Glad your feet made it through without blisters this time. Its great to have such a companionable group to do this amazing cross country hike (amazing to me -- as I hope each day to get in my 10,000 steps and am more than happy if I make that.)

  8. I loved the church being used also for the post office! Great photos and what a wonderful place to explore. As always a lovely posting.

  9. The sign should say Jolly Walkers rather than Jolly Anglers! It looks like a fantastic last day and a good finish to a lovely walk. I enjoyed coming along.

  10. Another great walk through beautiful countryside. I must scroll backwards and catch up on the beginning. Well done everyone

  11. What a great achievement. Sounds like you had a great time. And your blog is a wonderful record of it all.

  12. So much beautiful countryside. Congratulations - that's an impressive week of hiking!

  13. What a great end to a walk - only about 5 weeks before I can wander about in the Lakes for a week. You could say I was looking forward to it!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  14. What an amazing experience this was!

  15. I am reading your last few posts out of order perhaps but enjoying them. I do admire your and your co-walkers level of fitness and thanks for another walking experience with great photos and narrative.

  16. Lovely finish to your adventure. You all seem to make a fun group. It was great to read your posts.


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