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Friday, 10 April 2015

Walking to London

My second walk over the Easter weekend was an urban walk to Tower Bridge London. I began by walking the three miles to Greenwich Park from home. Too boring to record but once in the park there was plenty to admire.

The Greenwich Observatory
The Pavilion cafe

Greenwich High Street, not much traffic as it is still early.

There is such a wide range of food from around the world here in Greenwich.

Don't know the breed but these magnificent dogs attracted a lot of attention.

The Cutty Sark

Entrance to the Greenwich foot tunnel beneath the Thames

You can see a similar building on the opposite side of the river which is the pedestrian tunnel exit.

 Walking through the Greenwich foot tunnel.
Looking back towards Greenwich.

Walking along the Thames path on the North side of the river

A memorial to the 6 members of the London Fire Brigade who lost their lives in an explosion on this site in July 1969 when it was Dudgeons Wharf.
 The Isle of Dogs Pumping Station. Designed by John Outram, this building houses pumping equipment that returns surface water to the river Thames. Rather than design a boring brick building he created this classical design with lots of symbolism called the 'Temple of Storms'.

I am now on the Isle of Dogs which was home to the docks but as has happened in many cities it is now an upmarket residential  and financial area of London

 Canary Wharf

 The new terminal for Crossrail.

A converted 19th cent warehouse.

Can now see the tall buildings of the City of London in the distance.

This is a ventilation shaft for the Rotherhithe tunnel crossing the river at this point. The tunnel now carries vehicles but was originally built for horsedrawn carriages.

More converted warehouses.

Finally Tower Bridge comes into view.
St Catherine's Dock

After a ten mile walk it was homeward bound on the driverless Docklands Light Railway

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  1. So nice to have a walk with your through London by photos. Some places I remember as the Greenwich tunnel and the Docklands light Railway.

  2. You sure like walking! You brought back memories of my visits yo London but I never saw the market. I love those markets with such a variety of food.

  3. Wow! What a safari. Nice shots. I bet your feet hurt when you got home. :)

  4. I sure did enjoy that walk. Very lovely place you live, and I really appreciate how you share it with me. :-)

  5. You are so lucky to live near Greenwich... Wonderful walk... Thanks for sharing and for the memories. Wish they were more recent, but at least we've been there once!

    1. WOW! 10 mile walk and lots of photographs as a record of it. Thanks for sharing and there are also a lot of great refelction shots in there.. Have a lovely weekend.

  6. That was quite a walk ! It's a long time ago I have been in Greenwich I remember the Cutty Sark and there was a very old Pub just besides. I don't think that the tunnel existed at that time. Isn't it nice when the flowers come out and it starts to look so colorful !

  7. love the bay scenes! beautiful!

  8. That was only 10 miles? I would have thought it was much farther. Lots to look at which helps the miles go by. I think you will be in good shape to complete your plan at the end of the month.

  9. All photos are great. In most places I ws personally

  10. What a walk that brought back lovely memories of Greenwich! You caught some cool reflections too!

  11. What a great walk. I loved all the sights! Thanks for taking us along. :)

  12. What a fantastic walk to Greenwich...So many excellent reflection...Really lovely photos...
    I was there by ship and it took enough time...you are in a good shape...

  13. Hi, You really got your exercise... 10 miles? The MOST I have EVER hiked is 9 miles and that was up a mountain and back... It about killed me... ha....

    I do have a blog friend who walks 6 miles every single day... Even in bad weather she will walk --or use her treadmill in the basement.... I like to walk but not that MUCH... ha

    Love Greenwich Park area... That market looked neat!!! Louisiana sausage, huh????? Have you had one?

    Have a great weekend.

  14. Wow, you saw a lot on your walk - am surprized that there is so much in bloom, even though the weather there is still pretty cold (compared to California). These dogs are beautiful! You are in good shape physically!

  15. I have never been out towards Greenwich but I think I must go the next time i'm over there! Great shots and a fine walk!

  16. Interesting walk with so many different views.
    Great reflections on all this modern buildings.
    i love St Kathrins docks.

  17. A few familiar scenes for me in a very interesting walk. For such a brief period, aren't magnolias just wonderful. I guess you were at the market quite early and later it would be very busy.

  18. That is quite a long walk...I really enjoyed it. I think the dogs are Great Pyrinese ....( maybe not spelled correctly) They are known for herding sheep.

  19. You took lots of great pictures and I love the reflections. Hopefully I'll go there someday!

  20. I used to drop my pupils off at Greenwich and then drive my coach around to the other side (where the foot tunnel comes up again. And then I would drive them to Buckingham Palace or some such, seeing much the same that you showed here. I never walked the distance though and think you must be in great shape to do all that!

  21. That's quite some distance with a huge variety of amazing sites and places to enjoy. Pleased to see you were able to catch a ride home again!

  22. What a great walk with you!

    ALOHA from Honolulu,

  23. I love the images of teh fine ship. Seem to have been quite a nice walk. :)


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