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This is it! I've given up work -retired from the rat race and am about to start on a 10 year adventure, doing all those things I've been meaning to do but never had the time to do them. I've offloaded my responsibilities and it is now my time. So follow my adventures and see whether I actually manage anything!

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Coastal Walk

With my long distance walk fast approaching and fabulous weather I decided my last training walk should be by the sea. I parked the car just outside the fishing village of Whitstable and set off for Herne Bay which would be a round trip of about 10 miles.

Lots of beach huts looking out to sea.

This group were set up for a day's fishing.

You find lots of empty oyster shells amongst the pebbles

I wonder how long it took the culprit to scratch off the word.
Mobile homes with a sea view.

A wind farm in the distance providing some renewable energy but not great views.

Jet skiers are only allowed in this one small area.

Herne Bay is very different to Whitstable with its amusement arcades, ice cream shops and fun fair.

I was enjoying the walk and weather so much I decided to continue walking to the next small village of Reculver.

It was a fabulous walk but a big mistake not to stick to my original plan. I was not wearing the correct footwear for a long walk. It was 8 miles to Reculver but of course I needed to walk back to get to my car. By the time I had walked the 16 miles my feet were blistered with some very big blisters (too big for the blister plasters I carry!). I just hope my feet heal in time before I begin the walk next week. 


  1. I love your mobile homes it would be fun live there..

  2. At least the wind turbines do something useful when spoiling the view, unlike jetskis. I love the shrimp mural on the bathing box. Interesting building (ruin?) in the distance in the third last photo.

  3. The weather does look very summery. The views beautiful. Take care of those toootsies.

  4. Looks very familiar to me !

  5. A very nice walk with not so crowded beaches yet. The wind farms are a big discussion here at the moment. No village at the North sea wants them as a view over the sea. Beware of those blisters I once had a long walk spoiled by that.

  6. Oh I enjoyed this walk! Not surprised that you kept going. Your poor feet. Get them well so you can get back out there!

  7. Ouch! I do hope your feet recover before your long walk! I love your pictures and understand why you got seduced into going too far. :-)

  8. Wow - with such fabulous scenery I'd walk longer than planned too. Hope your blisters heal okay. Thanks for taking us with you on your journey.

  9. Sorry about your blisters and I hope your feet are okay when it's time for the 'official' walk.... I could never EVER walk 16 miles at one time.. I certainly admire you. Lots of great photos along your way. I'd want to be one of those fishermen/women sitting there relaxing... ha ha


  10. you were seriously around and about. Hope you kept a hat on. :)

  11. Beautiful compositions and vibrant colors!

  12. So sorry about the blisters! But I can see that otherwise you had a beautiful walk!

  13. I think I recognized the rocks on the beach in your first photo. :-)
    Too bad about the blisters and I do hope they are fine before you start your big hike. I love the little blue beach house with the fading painting on it. Puts you in a holiday-by-the-sea mood!

  14. Oh, blisters! I know what you mean, since I have had some doozies in my time. Hope they will in time for your big walk.

    Love the photos, especially the beach huts with the funny cartoons.

  15. Great photos and I love the beach huts and murals you showed. Looks like a great walk

  16. Looks like a place almost worth the blisters. You are an intrepid hiker!


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