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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Lord Mayor's coach

The City of London is a small area of London covering just one square mile. It has fewer than 10,000 residents but more than 340,000 people work there. It is the major business and financial area of London and is home to the London Stock Exchange, Lloyds and the Bank of England. It is not just a financial area though, here you can find schools, green areas and 200 churches. The city of London has its own Mayor  referred to as the Lord Mayor of the City of London so as not to be confused with the Mayor of London - Boris Johnson. The role of the Lord Mayor is to head the City of London Corporation and to promote the City as a leading international financial centre. Each November the new Lord Mayor is driven through the City in this ceremonial coach pulled by 6 horses.

The coach is now over 250 years old, it is like a throne on wheels. The coach is supported at each corner by cherubs to represent Asia, Africa, America and Europe. This photo shows a wooden model of one of the  cherubs. It is wearing a feather crown and carrying a bow and represents America. You can see the actual one on the photo below in the right hand corner.

On either side of the coach are panels showing the City's guardian angel. On one of the panels she receives goods from around the world. On another panel a figure represents Hope and is pointing towards the dome of St Paul's Cathedral. The smaller panels represent the qualities of Truth, Temperance, Justice and Fortitude.

The footman's seat is supported by mythical sea creatures and his footrest is a scallop shell.

The City's coat of arms decorates the back of the coach alongside fire-breathing dragons.
The coach is on show in the Museum of London which is in the City of London.


  1. What a beautiful carriage! Interesting facts and story.

  2. Fascinating history lesson! I was struck by the ancient representation of America. You continue to teach me so much about your amazing country. :-)

  3. No cherub for the colonies down under :( Ah, we were not quite 'discovered'.

    250 years ago was not a period for decorative restraint at all, apparently. The panels look very nice.

  4. Wow---that is one fancy coach... I'm impressed... Had no idea the financial district was its own city, City of London --with it's own mayor. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  5. 240 years old!!! It is certainly very ornate and beautiful for its era.

  6. It looks a bit like our Golden Coach of the Royal family. Maybe from the same time. I didn't know either your inner city had his own Mayor, very special. I wonder what you Queen thinks about his coach, a rival?

  7. It certainly IS like a throne on wheels! My. Do people line up to watch the parade in November? Is there a new Lord Mayor every year? (I can visit Google ... "she" will know.) Saw the comment above re. no representative figure for Australia ... that's funny to realize it 'wasn't there' yet as far as Great Britain and I guess the rest of the world knew and America is represented by their concept of our Indians.

  8. Nothing this beautifull and sparkly will be made in modern times. I've never seen anything so ornate and beautiful. I love that it is displayed with a team of horses pulling it.

  9. I love the pomp and pageantry of London .... so rich in history. Hoping you are coping with the Big Chill.

  10. Difficult to go shopping with that !


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