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Tuesday, 25 October 2016


We had a relaxed morning in the cottage before driving to Cheltenham for lunch. This was no ordinary lunch but a dining experience at a Michelin star restaurant, Le Champignon Sauvage. I forgot to photo all the courses but here are a few. Once we had chosen from the menu we were each given a couple of hors d'oeuvres one was a samphire based appetiser and the other was a cheese based one. Both were delicious. Then we were treated to another appetiser of parsnip mousse topped with chopped apple and walnut.

Our starters followed. This was M's starter which had lamb as the main ingredient but I can't remember the other ingredients. I didn't take a photo of mine as I was too busy eating it but mine was pea and mint soup with ham hock and poached egg, It arrived with shredded ham on the plate with a poached egg on top and then the soup was poured on the ham.  It was fabulous.

My main course was grey mullet on fennel tart. Seemed a pity to mess it up.

This was M's dessert of chocolate fondant and raspberry sorbet.

Mine didn't look as attractive as M's but it was just as delicious. I had poached peaches in a peach mousse with sorbet.

To finish we had all these petit fours to share between us. It was fun trying all the different flavours. It was a terrific meal and excellent value for money. We had the set lunch menu at a cost of £32 each. It was fine dining at its best.

Afterwards we wandered around Cheltenham. It has lots of Georgian houses in Cotswold stone giving the town a very elegant experience.

Lots of individual shops,

Cheltenham Ladies College

The Rotunda where the spa used to be but is now a bank.

We very much enjoyed our visit to Cheltenham and it lived it to its description of being an elegant, Georgian town.


  1. Those dishes got my mouth watering!

  2. Absolutely fabulous, the food, the buildings, the entire adventure. Thanks for sharing it. :-)

  3. Those look delightful. They remind me of the fare we had on the river cruise last June.

  4. Just once I would like to have an expensive meal as you did. Actually, by our standards your meal was not that expensive for such fine food. People often pay a lot more than that here. New word of the day, samphire, and spell checker does not like the word one little bit.

  5. When I saw the pictures of your meal I thought, here you eat with your eyes ! The decoration is so beautiful that you forget about the quantity ! Mr. G. when he came out of these kind of restaurants always had sandwiches at home because for him it wasn't enough, lol !
    Tbe town looks beautiful !

  6. Great lunch! All dishes looked beautiful and delicious! Great price as well. The town is definitely worth a visit.

  7. Wow to the elegant meal.... I'll need to go back and review the rest of the post to learn about Cheltenham -- my head was still with the food and I couldn't think of anything else just now!

  8. It looks like a beautiful town, but I must admit that the meal is probably not for me.

  9. Wow what a beautiful place. The meal looked and sounded delicious. I shouldn't read food blogs before dinner.

  10. What a meal! I enjoyed the photos and trying to imagine how it tasted. My mouth started watering when I reached the poached peaches!


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