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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Hercule Poirot's home

In Charterhouse Square on the boundary of the City of London is this block of art deco apartments.

Some of you might recognise it as 'Whitehaven Mansions', Hercule Poirot's home in the TV series  'Poirot'. Built in the mid 1930s it makes the perfect location for Poirot which is set during that period.


  1. I do like the curves and rounded corners on the building.

  2. Nice architecture and I didn't know about the Hercule Poirot connection.

  3. Oh that is SO neat... We watch Poirot on Netflix and LOVE it....


  4. I love that Art Deco style - we have a number of buildings like that here.

    I think the bride was in the right place - coming back from a photo shot on Sydney Harbour.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  5. What an interesting place! That last picture shows that it's a very different kind of building. :-)

  6. I do so love that architecture. So neat to be reminded of the Poirot connection too.

  7. Wonderful details. I was delighted to recognize it from Poirot.

  8. Must watch that series. I have almost reached the end of my personal reading challenge to read everything Agatha ever wrote -- so I will need to get my fix some other way (Or else re-read my favorite books -- I've probably forgotten "who done it" by now so it'll be like new again.

  9. Now that's interesting ! I have seen that in so many films !


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