Friday, 29 July 2011

First achievement -the blog

Well I think I've managed to set up a blog. If there is only this posting during the next month - then obviously I've failed before I even got started!


  1. Whenever I visit a new blog I like to go back and check out their first post!

    I love your bucket list idea, you sure have plenty of interesting things you want to do! :o)

    May I offer a suggestion? As I was looking at the list in your tabs, I noticed that some items are in red. Those are the ones you've done, right? My suggestion: link those lines to the posts you've written about them in the blog! Will be easier for someone curious about a particular item to find them that way! :o)

    How's it going with the conversational Spanish? It's not a difficult language! Unless you want to learn the grammar perfectly... :p


  2. An answer to your comment on my blog... I thought you might like to know how to link things within your posts? It's quite simple! Basically you need to have copy the address of the website you want the link to go to (for example one of your posts or an outside website), easiest way to do this (since web addresses tend to be long) is to highlight it, hit ctrl-C. Then in your post (or Page) you highlight the word or phrase that people will click on to go to that link. Once highlighted you click on "Link" in the post editor (it's right up there by image). A new box will open and there will be a line available where you just copy in (ctrl-V) the address. And voilĂ !

    I've finished reading through 2011... can't wait to hear how the rest of the Olympic story unfolds! Unfortunately I can't comment on many of your posts... you didn't make the comment option available?

    Hasta luego! :o)

  3. What an exciting adventure! I've just joined as your newest follower and I'll be following along as you cross things off of your bucket list. Best of luck and most important, continue to have fun.


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